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Individual Lessons

Individual Lessons

Booking A Lesson

Are you on an Gymnastics at Ace of Trussville?

Are you currently enrolled for classes at Ace of Trussville


If you answered NO to BOTH of these questions and are taking Individual Lessons then you must register for the class Individual Lessons.  You will be charged a $35 registration fee once you register, if you have not already paid one this year. Our year starts over every June. This is for each athlete taking Lessons


If you answered YES to either of these questions you do NOT have to register for Individual Lessons.


Individual lessons will now be booked online via the Parent Portal only (not directly through the coach). On the second Friday of each month the online calendar will be updated to show each instructor's availability for the following month.


  i.e. The second Friday in June an Individual Lesson schedule will be posted online for the coach’s availability for the month of July. The second Friday in July an Individual Lesson schedule will be posted on the online calendar for coach’s availability for the month of August, and so on.

Step-by-Step for booking a lesson (must be registered for Individual Lessons if you are not currently taking a class or on an all-star team):


1. Sign in to your Parent Portal

2. Click on the “I Want To” drop down box

3. Choose Register for an Event

4. Click “Event Calendar”

5. From there you will see the list of each coach's available days/times for lessons

6. Click on the date/time/coach you want to book

7. Fill out registration, terms and agreements, and what skill you would like to work on

8. Submit


* This must be done for EVERY lesson you would like to book for EACH month.







1. You must check beforehand when scheduling a lesson to make sure that the coach is approved to teach said level/skill. (This can be found under the Individual Lessons tab on the home page, or in the “Registration Form Description” when booking a lesson)


Coach’s WILL NOT be able to work out of their approved level/skills.


2. Client Cancellation Policy: Monday-Friday cancellation of lessons must be emailed 24 hours in advance to Trussville@acetribe.com or your card on file will be automatically charged. Saturday and Sunday lessons must be cancelled by Thursday at 9pm via email to Trussville@acetribe.com


3.   Coach Cancellation Policy: If a coach cancels less than 24 hours before you will not be charged for the lesson and your next lesson with the coach is free. EXCEPTION: Unless another coach is available, and you choose to do your lesson with other coach.


*All individual lessons must be paid at the time of service. Checks are to be made payable to ACE with the coach’s name on the bottom. Cash payments may only be received Monday-Thursday from 1-8pm at the front desk prior to the lesson. No cash payments Friday-Sunday and when the office closed for the holidays. *If payment by check or cash is not submitted prior to lesson, then the card on file will be automatically charged.





ACE continues to be a progressive, national and world recognized leader in the competitive cheerleading industry and has grown to one of the largest all-star programs in the world. Now ACE is putting a stamp with our USAG competitive gymnastics program. We offer both competitive All-Stars and Gymnastics teams.


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